Common Problems With Echo Desktop Software

echo desktop software helps you store, organize and then play back audio notes on your Mac or PC. It should be rechargeable through a standard USB cord. It also needs special ink cartridges for the computer that will record onto. Rather than purchasing the Dot Note pink paper Pads that you could buy online, you can instead download Notebook PDF files and print them from home using your laser printer.

When installing the Echo desktop software, you can also download software firewall protection called the Smartpen. This tool can be used to control access to your electronic note taking system through a proxy server. By doing so, you can monitor all changes and interactions with your Echo system through an online interface. You’ll also be alerted if someone tries to access any audio or video files or if there is any inappropriate content on your personal notebook. Smartpen is easy to use and doesn’t interfere with other apps and functions.

There are times, however, when your Echo Smartpen becomes inoperable. This usually occurs after long use and excessive use. If this happens to your Echo Livescribe Propelling Calligrapher application, please make sure that you disconnect your device prior to powering it down. The Smartpen and your computer will need to engage in a dialogue before it shuts down. If it detects a power connection, then your smartpen will most likely not work properly again. You can then proceed to restart the Echo Livescribe application and continue with the installation process.

A second issue continues with your Echo Livescribe smartpen. Sometimes, it may appear that there is a problem with the pen itself. It may turn black instead of white, or it may stop functioning altogether. If this occurs, please make sure that you have unplugged your Echo Livescribe smartpen prior to powering it down. Otherwise, this may indicate a more serious issue with your computer in general, which could require a complete overhaul.

A third issue continues with the audio recordings created by your Echo Livescribe Smartpen. Occasionally, you will be unable to hear yourself speak. For example, when you use the pen to record everything that is being said during a meeting, you may only be able to hear the speaker’s voice. After a while, this may cause the listener to become frustrated, and he/she will wish that the whole meeting was recorded. In order to prevent this type of frustration, it is recommended that you connect your computer directly to your Echo through its USB port, otherwise it will need to remain connected via the USB cable that was provided with your Smartpen.

A fourth problem that may occur relates to how you are able to play back some of the audio recordings that you have created using your Echo Smartpen. Sometimes, if you move your mouse to the top right corner of your screen, you may not be able to see the pointer on your mouse anymore. This will cause you to lose some of the information that is recorded on your windows computer due to it becoming blocked by the icons on your desktop. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to simply move your mouse away from the top right corner in order to play back your recording. Fortunately, you can restore a portion of the information by clicking on the “restore” tab located on the menu after you have pressed the “back” key on your keyboard.

One last issue relates to the inability of your Echo Smartpen to read notes that are captured on your windows computer. In some cases, if you attempt to capture a note on your computer as it is being written by another person, the other person’s notes will not be recorded onto your Smartpen. If you happen to press the “save” key while recording an audio recording, however, those notes will be captured onto your virtual keyboard. If you are using your Echo as a transcription device, it is vitally important for you to be able to open and view your notes on the smartpen at any time. Not only can this make it easier to correct things when they are being recorded, but if you are working with a large group of people who need to have the ability to listen to your recorded audio recordings, the ability to edit out individual notes makes everything much easier.

All in all, Echo Smartpen is a solid desktop software program that can greatly simplify the task of taking down audio recordings. Despite the potential problems that you will run into, the majority of them can be fixed relatively quickly and easily. This desktop software also comes with an excellent technical support feature which means that you can get any technical problems that you may run into instantly answered. As long as you take some basic precautions, Echo is a program that anyone can use successfully.