Echo Desktop software. Livescribe regularly updates applications.

Echo pencasts. This feature is very useful if you need to return to your notes later to clarify or develop a specific point. You may need to review your notes, for example, to correct or justify an argument presented at a meeting or during a lesson. With the added annotations associated with the original audio, you can then point to these annotations and listen to the audio data that was read while they were being recorded.

  1. Start playing audio data. You can specify notes related to the audio data that you annotate, or access and play back the audio using Nav Plus or another method.
  2. Start writing with the smart pen as soon as you start playing audio data. Smartpen automatically associates your annotations with previously recorded audio data.
  3. Stop playing the sound as soon as you finish commenting. Smartpen associates audio data with annotations as they are written.

Echo Desktop software. Livescribe regularly updates smartpen applications (such as Paper Replay) as well as smartpen firmware. Livescribe is also updating this software to support the new Livescribe dot paper types. When you put your smartphone on its support and launch Echo Desktop, it looks for updates. You can also check for updates manually through Echo Desktop.

You can use the Start line to quickly launch many applications installed on Smartpen. The launch line allows you to run any application on a piece of paper. These are smartpen applications that do not require pre-printed commands on paper. A piano demonstration and translator are examples. Pointer Around is a Start Line feature that can be used instead of Nav Plus to navigate the application menu. Zones immediately around the Start Line function, such as Nav Plus commands: point to the up arrow, point to the down arrow, point to the left arrow, point to the right arrow and point to the center arrow, The pointer around the areas corresponds to the Nav Plus functions and regions, except the following differences: – The “Point around” function controls the menu and navigation only in the corresponding application. – You cannot use Point Around commands to launch other applications. 1. Draw a horizontal line in your Livescribe notebook (left or right) and, without lifting the pen, immediately draw a line back to the starting point. 2. Immediately write the name of the target application above the line. Smartpen displays the first command that matches what you wrote using the smart text feature.

When you start smartpen, it is in its original state. In this state, the current time is displayed on the smart pen screen, as well as the state of charge of the battery. In the initial state, you can take notes, but applications do not start. Press the Home button at any time to return the smartphone to its original state. Thus, the smart pen exits all running applications and returns to the main screen. Livescribe recommends using the Home button whenever you want to exit the application and launch a new one. Home buttons are printed on most Livescribe notebooks. On older paper products, the Home button is represented by a light circle above and to the right of Nav Plus.

You can start and run another smartpen application (such as a calculator) while Paper Replay continues to record audio in the background. However, the smart pen does not associate notes with data when another application is running. This is because the data provided by SmartPen (handwriting and other graphics) is sent to a new application. The latter is activated in the foreground and controls the screen and sound output. If you want to pause or pause recording, or add new bookmarks, you must restore Paper Replay as the main application. The Paper Play application can be reactivated in a variety of ways: – Point to the printed paper play order or to any handwritten note called “Paper Play”. – Perform an action that usually allows you to start paper playback. For example, specify the area associated with the session, or launch the Paper Replay application using Nav Plus. – Do not indicate or write anything for five seconds. A flashing dot in the lower right corner of the screen of the smart pen indicates that recording is in progress.