Livescribe Smartpen syncs the sounds you hear.

Smartpen Livescribe syncs the sounds you hear with what you write so you don’t miss a word. Just point to your notes and the smart pen will read what you wrote at that moment. Smartpen has visual and audio feedback, powerful processing capabilities and built-in storage. Smartpen integrates several technologies and components. To ensure the interaction of all its components and to ensure the integration of the handwriting recognition function and many other applications, such as, for example, “Paper Play”, the smart pen uses embedded software. and software. When you turn on the smart pen and start writing in Livescribe notebook, the smart pen writes and saves your handwritten notes. To do this, he uses the built-in infrared camera, which takes pictures of a special bitmap on paper with the movement of the tip as you write. When recording audio data in Paper Replay, Smartpen connects it to your notes. If you point to your notes, the smart pen will find where you are pointing and play audio data associated with that location.

Livescribe smartpens use special paper on which small dots (microdots) recognized by the Smartpen mine are printed. Livescribe creates a variety of paper products such as notebooks, newspapers, notebooks and notes.

Two smartpen models can be used with Echo Desktop: Echo Livesribe pen and Pulse Smartpen. You can identify the model using the information below.

To use Smartpen, you must first enable it. It must be turned on to record recorded notes or activate its sound recording and playback functions. 1. Press the power on / off button to start the fountain pen. If you named your smart pen using Echo Desktop, the name will appear when it is turned on.

The USB port of the Echo smartpen is located on top of the smart pen next to the headphone jack. This is a standard micro USB connector, compatible with all standard USB charging cables. Follow the instructions below to charge your Smartpen. A double symbol for a power outlet and a flashing battery indicates that the smart pen must be charged

To replace an ink cartridge, simply remove the old cartridge manually and insert a new one. If you have a Pulse smart pen and a USB mobile charging cradle, you can use the charging cradle to replace the cartridge as follows: 1. Insert the smart pen’s ink in the hole provided for this purpose. 2. Tilt the tip so that it holds the mine in the hole and pull. 3. In doing so, the ink cartridge will be disconnected from the magnet, which securely holds it inside the pen. 4. Place the new ink cartridge in the smart pen. Before using the smart pen, be sure to remove the plastic cover that covers the output of the ink cartridge. All new cartridges are equipped with this protection to prevent ink from drying out.

If you want to use a smart pen without leaving ink traces on paper, purchase a stylus from the Livescribe online store. To insert a stylus, follow the procedure described above, replacing the stylus with a replaceable ink cartridge.

Smartpen allows you to record audio using the built-in microphone or 3D headphones. The Livescribe built-in smart microphone was designed for monaural recording in small rooms, such as in a conference room. For recording in large rooms, we recommend using headphones for 3D recording, which have a microphone in each headphone. These two microphones allow binaural recording, which accurately recreates the sound environment. 1. Left earphone and right earphone. 2. Left microphone and right microphone.

Binaural recording is a type of special stereo recording that uses two microphones (one in each ear). This type of recording provides the most accurate spatial sound quality since microphones behave like your ears. Indeed, when you listen to a binaural recording, you really feel where you made the recording. After recording audio data, you can reproduce the binaural effect using stereo headphones. You can also listen to binaural recording, as if it were a regular stereo recording with any type of headphone or speaker.

After starting the Livescribe + application, it will automatically detect your Livescribe 3 Smartpen. A notification appears asking you if you want to connect a new smartpen. Select Connector. You only need to connect your smart pen once for each device with which you want to use it. As soon as pairing is completed, each time you launch the application, the connection will be completed automatically. You can only connect to the Livescribe + app one smartpen at a time.